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All About Spreely

Since the beginning of time the spoken (and written) word has been the most effective weapon in the defense of personal liberty. Individual freedoms are a gift from God and secured by the right to defend them. This is a basic tenent in a free society.

On Spreely, we embrace this notion. We present our audience with content and hosts sharing a range of opinions and ideals. We are united in our love for America and the support of our Constitution.

Spreely TV is your source for some of this country’s best thinkers and story tellers.

Our team is dedicated to taking the news of the day, the learned lessons of history and an eye on the future of America and turning it into the most thought provoking and engaging programs available anywhere. Welcome to your new Home on Spreely TV.


You can subscribe to Spreely by clicking here.

We are a group of hard working, red-blooded Americans who became disappointed with the political climate in our country.

Some of us took to Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to begin to raise awareness about the plight of the American fabric.

This evolved into not only our passion, but our job. We were able to make enough money to travel, buy equipment and pay others to help us in our mission to expose the Fake News, Corporate Media Cabal and our lying politicians.

Then came the 2016 elections. Our platforms, and the voices of our fans, made an overwhelming impact on what was seen, heard and known. We were able to bypass the traditional news sources and get real information to the masses.

We all know what happened in November 2016.

Well, this did not sit well with the liberals at Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, so they began to ban us, demonetize our accounts and block us from reaching our audiences. It also caused National fervor and criminals like George Soros began pouring money into efforts to shut us down completely.

So here we are. We had to take a stand, so we have decided that in order to keep our efforts moving forward, we have to do it on our own, without the social media Oligarchs. The only way to continue to operate is to ask our loyal fans to help. We wanted to keep the price fair, but enough to continue to bring you a quality product.

So, for just a few bucks a month you can make it happen. It is less than 35 cents a day to keep our journalists, personalities, camera people and everyone else involved, moving forward.

Thank you again for your continued support, and God bless you and God bless The United States of America.

Spreely can be found on our website, on your favorite devices including Roku®, Amazon Fire TV®, AppleTV®,  via our app wich can be downloaded from iTunes and the Google Play Store, on Facebook, Periscope and YouTube by searching for Spreely. 

CUSTOMER SERVICE Toll Free: (877) 830-5188 Email: [email protected] Monday – Friday, 7am – 7pm PT Saturday, 7am – 12pm PT

No, we do not sell our customer’s information! See our Privacy Policy for details.

You can purchase from Spreely with a currency other than US Dollars, however, in this instance your bank will likely charge you an additional conversion fee that will be found on your bank statement.

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